Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PUS VOMIT - "Degrade The Worthless"

"Degrade The Worthless"
Berdugo Records

"Degrade The Worthless" is a vile onslaught of misogynistic death metal in sickening depths of depravity in the tradition of Lividity, Devourment, and Lust Of Decay. This is absolute decimation through degradation. Fuck off and die!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Domain 'Zine - V

Issue No. 5

This issue is dedicated to Desaster from skin, flesh, and bones. 68 pages of total Desaster worship! Even the Domain 'Zine logo is Desasterized. It features interviews with present and past members of Desaster. No one was spared. Friends of Desaster are also interviewed! There is a discography, gig and merchandise flyers, and more for all things Desaster. There is also an interview with Evilords. This issue is burning with passion and dedication. M. Syaiful is a "Fukkin' Desaster Maniac"! I have copy number 130/300 and it includes a Desaster patch. "Bang Or Be Banged!" Cover artwork by Sickness 666.

Domain Zine
c/o M. Syaiful
Block 670A #17-503
Choa Chu Kang Crescent
Singapore 681670

Wave Of Darkness 'Zine - Dogmeat Special

"Dogmeat Special"

What does In Dark Purity 'Zine and Wave Of Darkness 'Zine have in common? Passion for dinuguan (Pork blood stew) and the film "Iyo And Tondo, Akin Ang Cavite" (New York Is Mine, Stockholm Is Yours). Other than that the 'zines always agree to disagree. It features interviews with Anael, Blazing Skies, Bloodstone Entertainment, Centinex, Dew Scented, Embracing, Garwall, Godgory, Inume, Maze Of Torment, Mercenary, Morningstar, Pest, Pesttanz, and Vomitory. There are music reviews, articles about whales, vinyl versus CD, a fucking horrorscope that says I'm a thieving motherfucker that enjoys masturbation more than sex, a best of list, and more insults. This zine is full of hate and disgust so if your band, label, or zine is onionskinned then fuck off and don't bother sending him material for review or hope that he doesn't get a hold of it, because you'll only end up crying to your mother you fucking poser!

Wave Of Darkness 'Zine

Scrawlshop 'Zine - XII - The Music Issue

Issue No. 12
"The Music Issue"

Twelve fucking issues and still smoking! "The Music Issue" is the aftermath of a pot session with Albert Alisuag, Fletcher Vargas, Jericho "St. John The Bastard", Yesk, Emil Rex Cruz, Jamie Perez, Brian Castillo, Reymond Bravo, and Gani Simpliciano. It features interviews with Brown Jenkins, By Storm, Copremesis, Extreme Noise Terror, Gnaw Their Tongues, Kult Ov Azazel, Maggot Breeder, Methadrone, Nachtmystium, Odd Zero, Sauna, The Communion, Unfashionable Creatures, and Utnapishtim. There are music and zine reviews, comic strips, articles about analog worship, live bootlegs, MySpace, Moribund Records, Pulverised Records, and more hydro writing. It seems like Bayani Fernando and the MMDA conducted a clean up campaign in the Scrawlshop 'Zine HQ (Hemp Quarter) because the layout is not as chaotic as the previous issues that you need to take Bonamine before reading the 'zine. The format of this issue might have influenced the clean layout (In Scrawlshop 'Zine standards) because there is not a lot of space to fuck shit up. Other than that, high or sober, this issue is a killer read. Twelve issues and this 'zine still burns with passion and dedication. Horns up to Scrawlshop 'Zine!

Scrawlshop 'Zine
Rallye Ibanez
47E Morning Star Drive,
Sanville, Project 6, Quezon City 1100