Monday, November 19, 2012

Malignancy - Eugenics

Willowtip Records

"Eugenics" is Malignancy's third full length record that marks their 20 years of technical brutality. It's a concept record about the extinction of man. It features ten songs that runs for half an hour. It was recorded between 2010 to 2011 at the Geller Cellar Studio and mixed and mastered at Dissonant Studio. It comes in a standard CD format with a two panel artwork by Justin Osbourn from Slasher Design. This is their second release with Willowtip Records. 

I pre-ordered the CD, t-shirt, and sweatpants package from Willowtip Records a month before the release date.  Unfortunately, there was a delay with the printing of the sweatpants and my order was put in the Ulcerate pre-order. I received the package a month after the release date. Another pre-order disaster. My life is shit.

The artwork is not gore themed, but it fits the concept of the record. They have also broken a tradition and they used a different font for the title of the record. 

The music is an evolutionary mutation of "Cross Species Transmutation" and "Inhuman Grotesqueries." It's an obra maestra of order from chaos! The musicianship and songwriting is insane and it destroys the previous records! "Mortality Weakness" is my favorite Malignancy song and I think I will add "Eugenics", "Global Systemic Collapse", and "Cataclysmic Euphoria" to the list soon. 

The lyrics is about the extinction of man. This is the first time for Malignancy to release a concept record. It's also the first time that I was able to read their lyrics in one sitting.   Danny Nelson is writing in English this time. Well, for me at least.

I love the production of "Frailty Of The Human Condition" with a passion but I must say that the production of "Eugenics" is their best. It's clear yet brutal as fuck! I wish "Cross Species Transmutation" had this kind of production! Imagine what "Mortality Weakness" would sound like! 

Malignancy is one of the bands that changed my life. I have been a fan since the "Ignorance Is Bliss" demo and all that matters to me is that they have stayed true to their style and they consistently get malignant with every release. "Eugenics" is a reason for me to stay a fan.