Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brimstone In Fire/Pathogen - All Flesh Fades

"All Flesh Fades"
Lifespan Records/Brute! Productions

I'm not high on drugs or God but "All Flesh Fades" is symbolic for me. It shows that the old (BRIMSTONE IN FIRE) and new (PATHOGEN) blood of Death Metal can kill as one. 

It features eight songs, four songs each, two new and two old, and plays for thirty minutes. It's released in two versions. The slipcase version was released by LIFESPAN RECORDS (Philippines) and it features BRIMSTONE IN FIRE's "Despair" demo and the standard version was released by BRUTE! PRODUCTIONS (Thailand).  

PATHOGEN starts the split with their raw, vile, and morbid as fuck Death Metal. "Suffocate In Blood" and "Sacrilegious Profanation" originally appeared on the "Into The Subconcious Void" demo (2004). I no longer think of espasol (rice cake) and buko pie (coconut pie) but Death Metal when I think of Laguna.

BRIMSTONE IN FIRE ends the split with their bizarre, odd, and mindfucking Death Metal. This is their first release after years of recording inactivity. It features original vocalist Lloyd and it took me time to get into his vocals in B.I.F. because I'm used to him growling "Aswang", "Pok Pok", and "Ebanghelyo" in DETHRONE, but his low and deep sinister vocals fit well with the style of B.I.F. If memory serves I think they played "Man Lives Ones Then Dies Forever" for the first time as a three piece at RURAL CARNAGE.

You know the feeling when you see or remember something that becomes an inspiration for masturbation? That's a similar feeling I get whenever I see BRIMSTONE IN FIRE and PATHOGEN live. Now that I have this split in my hands, I can have multiple eargasms anytime I want. To those who want to check out Death Metal from the Philippines this split is mandatory.

Oh, I had my copy signed by BRIMSTONE IN FIRE and it says:

"To Alex,

Hey man, Do we really have to sign this shit?

- Mike, Lloyd, Christian, & Dondi"

Yes. You had to sign that shit for me. The stoneglyph would have been on my skin if only my family is not against tattoos!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mortality Weakness

IDP 'Zine will be releasing an issue called "Mortality Weakness" that will be totally dedicated to MALIGNANCY! The 'zine will be working once again with Isa Pilapil who did the "Implanting The Mythos" artwork of the fourth issue. Mother of Perpetual Help, prey for us!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sadistic Intent Live In Singapore

I got to see the legendary SADISTIC INTENT live last Wednesday (June 12, 2013) at the Home Club, Singapore, and they fucking crushed my skull to pieces!  It's been a while since I banged my head relentlessly at a gig! 

In Dark Purity VII In The Works

Interview with BEAST PETRIFY, ABSENCE OF THE SACRED, and VRYKOLAKAS is in the works for