Friday, July 26, 2013

Mortality Weakness


This is the artwork of the issue of IN DARK PURITY 'Zine that will be totally dedicated to one of the bands that changed my life, MALIGNANCY.  The artwork is a mutation of MALIGNANCY's theme and IN DARK PURITY 'Zine's ideology.  "Mortality Weakness" is a song about progeria, a rapid aging disease. The song originally appeared on the "Frailty Of The Human Condition" split CD with INTERVALLE BIZAZARE released by Shindy Productions (Czech Republic) in 2002 and was re-recorded and featured on the "Cross Species Transmutation" EP released by United Guttural Records (USA) in 2003.  To continue the tradition of the 'zine to defile religion. I have chosen another image of your Mother Mary and deformed her to be the MALIGNANCY creature that originally appeared on the "Promo CD" (1998) with her son Jesus Christ, Saint Archangel Michael and  Saint Archangel Gabriel all with progeria.  Progeria and religion are both a disease to me.  I will explain the details of the artwork in the 'zine.  For now stay malignant and rot "perpetually"!