Friday, September 7, 2012

Monstrosity - Live Apocalypse

"Live Apocalypse" DVD
Conquest Music

I bought this DVD directly from the band and as always, they ship fast as fuck. This is Monstrosity's first official DVD. It comes in a four panel digipack with a simple layout having a crowd shot as the cover, band photos in the inner panels, and credits at the back cover.

The DVD is divided into three parts: "Live Apocalypse", "Studio Apocalypse", and "Interviews."

"Live Apocalypse" features footage from the "Brutal Assualt Festival 2010 (Czech Republic)." It is professionally recorded with killer audio and video quality. There are only five songs in this set, but it's killer to see Monstrosity slay live in the confines of my home. Lee Harrison is a fucking beast behind the kit!

"Studio Apocalypse" features the vocal, guitar, bass, and drum tracking of "Spiritual Apocalypse" at the legendary Morrisound Studios. It's about half an hour of studio footage. It also shows Kelly Shaefer from Atheist recording back up vocals for "Firestorm" which was fucking cool.

"Interviews" features the band talking about the recording of "Spiritual Apocalypse", life on the road, etc... and there are rehearsal and live footage taken from their South American tour.

It's killer that Monstrosity released "Live Apocalypse" as it's the only way for me to experience a Monstrosity pit. It also completed my "Spiritual Apocalypse" listening experience even though I only have a promo CD that the band gave me as a birthday present, but I will definitely buy an official copy once I have extra money for Metal. Hail Monstrosity!